S1: Chapter 01: Meet Zoe Vale

As I lie here in the damp, dark alley behind Club Aquarius awaiting death, I think to myself damn, how did I get into this mess? The sounds of the city start to fade as the clubbers and bouncers make their way home, unaware of the scene that played out behind this hopping dance joint just minutes before.

Earlier that week…

“I have to hurry! I’m gonna miss my plane!” I said to my sister as I rushed around my bedroom. “Have you seen my favorite pair of blue jeans? I thought I’d left them in the hamper,” I said tossing clothes every which way.

The room looked like a disaster area and still no blue jeans in sight.

“I don’t know why you didn’t put everything out last night. If you had just listened…if you ever listened, you wouldn’t be so panicked right now,” my sister Maggie said back as she helped prepare the luggage I was taking with me.

“I know Mags, as always I should have listened to you,” I replied still searching frantically for my jeans.

“Zoe, you’d better hurry, Samantha will be here soon,” Maggie warned as she folded more of my clothes and packed them even tighter into a small blue rolling suitcase.

“Ah ha!” I yelled as I crawled out of the closet waving a worn and ragged pair of jeans around like a victory flag.

BEEEEEEP! The sound of Samantha’s horn screamed across the morning air announcing her arrival. She and I were moving to the city today; leaving behind the farms and cows of Riverview for the bright lights and big dreams of Bridgeport. We’d saved for an entire year to make the move and were excited the day had finally arrived.

“Great you found them! Now hurry and get dressed before Sam comes in here and drags you out by your hair,” Maggie said giving me that older sisters’ glare. At 27 she was only 4 years older than me but she took the responsibility of looking after everything when our parents died 10 years ago. It was a car accident. Or so the papers said. If you ask me it was more like a drunk driver on a suicide mission with my parents as his sole focus for all his pent up rage and aggression.

I wrestled my jeans on and checked myself one last time in the mirror. I was wearing my red halter top which complimented my curvy figure, my long brown hair cascaded down my shoulders and my mother’s ring was on my middle finger.

I went through my dresser to make sure I’d packed my jean shorts as well. My hazel eyes caught a glimpse of a picture of my parents and I couldn’t help but think how badly I missed them.

Maggie caught my stare and turned me around to face her. “They’d be proud of you, Zoe; I know you have your head so filled with the glitz and the glamour of Bridgeport. It’s always been your dream to become some big time artist. But I want you to remember no matter who you become out there you will always be my baby sister! Don’t be fooled by the bright lights and the fame of that city and don’t let anyone change who you are,” she said.

“Mags, you don’t have to worry about me. I’ll keep my feet on the ground and I’ll be safe. I promise,” I responded giving her a reassuring smile. We hugged each other tightly.

I checked my suitcases one last time before grabbing them, my purse and my camera bag and heading to the door. Giving my sister one last look. “I’ll see you soon,” I said and disappeared out the front door.

“Wait took ya?!” Samantha yelled as I neared her rundown yellow range rover. “I thought I was gonna have to call out a search team or something,” she continued, her blonde hair framing her face and her emerald green eyes focused on me. She’s been my best friend since birth I like to tell people. There isn’t a moment of laughter or time of tears that I can’t remember her being by my side.

I plopped my bags into the trunk and slammed the lid down with a loud thud. “You know me. Always the last minute,” I kidded as I slid into the passenger seat and hooked my seatbelt. I guess it wasn’t really a joke. I’ve never been known as much of a planner. I enjoy a bit of chaos every now and then.

“You ready for this? Samantha asked giving me a look of excitement as she revved the engine.

I glanced at my family’s farm before responding with an “oh yeah” as Samantha gassed it for the airport.

Samantha and I arrived at the airport 15 minutes before the flight was scheduled to leave. As we moved toward the departure gates we heard a woman’s voice announce Flight 118 now boarding for Bridgeport at Gate 7 over the loud speaker.

“That’s us,” Sam said as she clutched her bags tighter and made a beeline for the gate.

Samantha and I boarded the Simcoast Airlines plane and settled in for the three hour flight to Bridgeport. Ready to begin our new adventure and letting the dreams we’ve had since childhood play in our heads as we’d hoped they would soon.

The plane began to buckle and sway and Samantha nearly jumped out of her seat.

“What was that!? Are we crashing!?” she yelled the sound of hysteria creeping up in her voice.

“Yes. It’s best if you place your head between your legs and count sheep,” I said in a joking manner. Samantha immediately placed her head down and began counting. The passenger in the aisle across from us let off a boisterous chuckle.

“Relax, it’s just turbulence,” he quipped.

We laughed as Samantha brought her head out, the pained look of fear washed on her face.

“That wasn’t very nice, Zoe,” she said, her tone and demeanor returning to normal.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself,” I retorted.


12 responses to “S1: Chapter 01: Meet Zoe Vale

  1. This is an awesome start. Really like the first paragraph and I like how you have created the airplane. 🙂

    • Thank you! The airplane will get a little redecorating when it comes up again. As I moved on in the story, a lot of the pictures got better. This is my first published story so I was still kind of learning and you’ll see that as you progress 🙂

      I was hoping to set the mood with that first paragraph and hopefully show how she got from point A to point B and originally I didn’t intend the story to go too long but…we see how that turned out lol.

  2. I’m enjoying the story so far! And I must say, how in the world did you pull off an airport and a plane?? Good lord, that’s creative! It makes the scnes look very realistic. I love how you showed a terminal with a line of people, Samantha and Zoe boarding a plane and passengers inside.

    I’m looking forward to their new life in Bridgeport, that will be quie a change from quiet Twinbrook. It will probably take me a while to catch up with the chapters but I will definitely be following this story. Thanks for following mine!

    Congrats on your story’s one-year anniversary by the way! That’s quite an accomplishment, and I hope you continue to keep up the good work.

    • Thank you! The story starts slow as this was the first story I ever wrote and produced but as the seasons go on I hope you can see the difference in the writing of the later stuff.

      One thing I learned early when I started the sims as illustrations was: I HATE EDITING PICTURES! So instead I got really inventive with the sets that I build. As the writing progressed so did the sets; they became much more intricate. I built an airport and searched like mad for an airplane!

      It’ll be an interesting change for sure and their lives will take a few complex turns as they discover who they are! Take your time this one isn’t going anywhere LOL (The death threats are a little encouraging and I have no interest in someone dropping by my place and playing Kathy Bates to my James Caan! <–one of my fave movies LOL).

      Thank you for your kind words 🙂 I can't believe it's been a year to be honest. Seems like yesterday. With this story the idea of the first few seasons and the writing makes me cringe compared to the stories I'm writing now but, you have to start somewhere right? And I'll forever be grateful to Zoe and Drake for that!

      Thank you for reading! (There is SOOO much with Desired I hope you don't feel overwhelmed!) I did see you on After Midnight's page though; hopefully that is an easier read 🙂

  3. I’m actually excited to see the progression with the story because it will allow me to see the changes in your writing. Wow, a whole year of practice, no wonder you already have half a dozen stories out! My first story was “The Real World, Sunset Valley”, and I started it in the Generations thread. It was just something fun I came up with, 3 males and 3 females with different personalities thrown in one house to see their antics. I was surprised at the response it received but you can tell difference in my writing with that story and Memoirs now. I learned so much just by doing updates, and by reading other awesome stories as well. That’s how I knew what I needed to work on. I took a break after the 30th episode because I wanted to focus more on Memoirs.

    It’s funny because I don’t editing pics, in fact, I love manipulating them so suit the scenes. But I have NO PATIENCE for building sets and elaborate settings. Some of the stuff I’ve seen in other stories just blow me away, and I’ve always wondered how they did that. Like your airport for example. The way you found a plane, got them to board, set up the terminal and plane seats, I wouldn’t even know how to pull that off. So kudos to you for having that talent!

    Death threats?? What do you mean, are you talking about your characters or in real life?? OMG, Misery was a crazy movie. I’ve never been more afraid of Kathy Bates until I saw her torture that poor man. Even to this day, she creeps me out. She has those crazy eyes! I love horror movies too, just not the gory ones. I especially love the ones with hauntings and psycho geniuses. I love the complexities of demented people, and sometimes the thought of how their mind works is even more disturbing than the gore they’re capable of.

    I agree, you do have to start somewhere. How are you supposed to get better if you don’t know what you need to work on? After seeing gazillions of stories come and go on the forum, it’s quite an accomplishment to maintain a story for a whole year and still keep reader interest. That’s how you know you have talent. I don’t know how far Memoirs is going to go, but it has definitely taught me how to be a better writer.

    Okay, done blabbing. lol

    • Yes! It’s so easy to learn how to correct yourself from reading and updating and working on your own. And it surprisingly became something I TRULY loved doing! That’s why I think it’s great helping others when/if I can. It took me a while to find the mix of things and cheats and stuff to get rid of the freaking bubbles over their heads but once I did I was forever grateful!

      Thank you 😀 I have to say those talented enough to edit shots have my envy! I started reading a story by someone is absolutely phenomenal with the way she describes stuff and her shots always blew me away so I started sending her mine to edit. I call her my Photoshop. (Her name is Qui, you can find her links on my page for her stories). She adds little things to my shots because I tell ya if it were up to me…the “bullet wounds” would be invisible and I’d have to tell the audience to “use their imagination”!

      Real life LOL some of the comments I got later on (once things get more interesting) were: “Stop writing and I’ll come tie you down and make you continue”. So…I’m afraid I’m Misery might become my life if I do LOL I LOVE horror movies but not stuff in the ways of “Saw” where their only technique is “shock factor” which as a jaded society doesn’t work anymore. I need a story behind my murders and beheadings!

      Happy to hear that because sometimes I can get into the character so much and my opinion might come off sounding pushy (though I am not intending for it to) I just like discussing the intricacies I find in one’s writing. I’d think it was a huge compliment personally but others don’t see it that way. But if you can make someone cry with your writing or inspire them or make them really, really think and have any emotional response towards your characters then you are an AMAZING author in my book and I feel it’s my duty as your reader to tell you that.

      Thank you! I’m still amazed this story has gone as far as it had…perhaps I just don’t know when to say “enough is enough” but as long as it gets read I’ll continue on for those that enjioy the whackiness that climbs out of my head! I am TRULY blessed and appreciative for that! LOL! It’s fine with me! Babble on 😀

  4. Really awesome start, I’m looking forward finding out how Zoe ended up out behind the Aquarius club. And then catching up to Season 5!

    • Thank you! Zoe’s life is about to become a complicated mix of danger and excitement once she discovers who she is. Unfortunately when that happens nothing will ever be the same again!

      Seeing a new comment here made me want to hide my head under a pillow because I know it is so God-awful compared to my newer stuff! UGH! This was my first sim story and thinking over the stuff in it makes me cringe! I appreciate you reading it and it will probably take a but to get through it since it’s 10 seasons so please don’t feel as though you have to!

  5. I am interested in Zoe’s story, so I’m going to keep on. But I’ll go check out some of your newer stuff, too! I love reading, so it’s all good.

  6. Off to a good start I am going to read some more of this story tonight. I like it so far.

    • Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time. I actually cringe at the thought of this story’s early chapters though, it was my first ever endeavor into the writing world. Thank you again for reading 🙂

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